VET Campus

Mobile friendly, role specific view for VETtrak.

VET Campus requires the VETtrak API available from OzSoft. VET Campus is optimised for desktops and mobile devices down to the mini sized tables in both Android and Apple environments. The VET Campus App can be registered in the GooglePlay and AppStore in your name and with your branding – we will even do it for you.

VET Campus is fully integrated with VET LMS.

For Students

  • My Contact details
  • About me
  • Phtograph or Avatar
  • Password
  • Message trainer, staff and cohort
  • My Classes
  • My Enrolments (Occurrence, Contract, Non-contract, Qualification, Units)
  • My Trainers & associated RTO staff
  • My Awards - issue date, parchment number and expiry
  • Location maps and directions
  • Trainer is Student - Dual role supported

For Employers

  • My Employees
  • Student details
  • Enrolments
  • Attendance
  • Absences
  • Awards
  • Progress
  • Add employee
  • Add enrolment
  • Management Structure & Nested Employers Supported
  • Corporate learning report download (at each employer level)
  • Employer Logo
  • Employer themes
  • Employer landing pages
  • Employer App

For Trainers

  • Find student
  • Calendar / Diary
  • Mark Attendance and document
  • Provide Assessment and document
  • Occurrence Unit links to TGA
  • Messages (in and outbound - web, email & SMS)
  • Update student notes field
  • My Students
  • My Occurrences
  • My Colleagues
  • Training Resources
  • Learner Resources
  • RTO Resources
  • My Resources
  • “View As” student for support

For Training Managers

  • Includes Trainer Functionality
  • Find Trainer
  • View Trainer calendars
  • Review Trainer outstanding attendance reports
  • Review Trainer outstanding assessment reports
  • View as Trainer and Student

For Admissions

  • Includes Training Manager functionality
  • Create new client
  • Add new enrolment
  • Funding Wizard - VTG, QLD Cert III
  • Occurrence Health Report - forward booking management

For Referrers inc. JSA

  • Create new client
  • Add new enrolment
  • Funding Wizards - VTG, QLD Cert III

For VETtrak Administrators

  • All functionality
  • Content for programme types
  • Content for programmes
  • Learners Guide management
  • Course material management
  • Pricing rules for employers
  • Incomplete booking report
  • Sales dashboard
  • Enrolment dashboard

VET Campus put your VETtrak data into the hands of the people who need it – wherever they are!

Book a demo today, have VET Campus next week.