Web Enrol

Web Enrol

#1 in online registration for VET

Web Enrol is an online training registration application used by more than 3,000,000 website visitors to become RTO students in the past 5 years. These students have invested more than $250m with our RTO clients.

Built by Gecko, Designed by you!

Web Enrol is a HUGE product and these pages provide a ‘simple’ overview of the functionality that is available. Every feature our our product suite was designed by RTOs with ease of use and practicality built in.

Web Enrol is connected to your student management system, or ours, in real time. We reuse data from your student management system to structure training offers on your website.

Sometimes these Training Products are called "Occurrences" in VETtrak and VET Mate, “Offers” in Enquiry Mate and “Offerings” in TUTIS. Effectively they are training products a student can enrol, apply to join or register an interest in.

Web Enrol Widgets

  • The Calendar: A calendar view of courses available for registration, this month, this week and today
  • Training Product List: A list of training product offers list with the soonest offering at the top of the list.
  • Course Finder: A “dropdown” selector tool for your home or landing page to allow the user to select the programme type, programme, location and month and then register as an individual or group on the one screen.
  • Course Library: A list of training categories allowing the user to drill down to find courses of interest. This may be driven by Programme Types or “Virtual Programme Types”.
  • Upcoming Courses: A list of all the courses national, for a state or location, ordered by soonest with 10 entries.
  • Location Calendar: A calendar or training product list shown under a google map for your location.

The ‘enrolment form’

The Registration forms we provide may be used for enrolment, registration of expression of interest. These forms are actually fully fledged applications that include a vast amount of logic to help RTOs ensure clean verified data is collected in a safe and secure manner. There are several versions of the application including the full AVETMISS collection tool, an expression of interest and a super simple form where AVETMISS data and USI is collected from within VET LMS.

Web Enrol offers several types of registration forms and eligibility workflows for RTOs. The items in italics version require Band 3 and above for inclusion.

  • Personal Details
  • Simple
  • Super Simple
  • Expression of Interest
  • CITB (SA)
  • Skills First Program (VIC)
  • Smart and Skilled (NSW)
  • Higher Level Skills (Qld)
  • NWDF (ACT)

Web Enrol for Marketers

Web Enrol comes pre-plumbed with a range of marketing aids;

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Transaction Tracking
  • AdWords Conversion code
  • Tag Manager
  • Heat map tools
  • CRM Web forms
  • Short URL
  • Course QR code generator
  • Landing page template switch

Web Enrol & VET LMS an Automated Symphony

Web Enrol and VET LMS are connected. When you use these products in tandem, online learning is seamlessly integrated with the registration process.

  • Pre-reading: “Start Learning Now” on completion of registration where prereading on courses such as First Aid is required.
  • LLN: The start learning now functionality is also able to be used triggering a student to complete an LLN prior to being accepted on a course.
  • Full online learning courses: Sometimes courses are available to be fully completed online. When Web Enrol and VET LMS are linked to provide this service there is nothing for the RTO to do - its automatic.
    • Where a student has a learning issue identified by several incorrect answers the Student's access is paused and the Trainer is notified for intervention.
    • Mandatory assessment interviews are also supported.
  • Integrated learning and assessment: The Web Enrol  and VET LMS product is ideal for use as a combined registration and assessment platform to ensure consistent assessment and archival of proof in the one location.
  • Prerequisites: Citing, verification, resubmission and documenting the process is supported in the Web Enrol and VET LMS product set.

Prerequisite: Web Enrol is interoperable with VETtrak, Enquiry Mate, VET Mate, AVETMISS Done and TUTIS. The connection between the application requires an API also known as a Web Connector that is provided by your SMS provider.

Not using a Web Enrol SMS provider?

Web Enrol is designed to link with any SMS using our VET API product and we like to work with anyone who wants to work with us. When we talk to SMS providers we have two criteria for working with them; they promise not to copy or compete with Web Enrol and they are happy to promote our product to a client base of more than 50 RTOs.

You have a choice, ask you SMS provider to talk to us or switch to one of our SMS products or another that supports Web Enrol.

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Web Enrol enables prospective students and RTOs to make decisions about training suitability, eligibility and price.

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Payment and Finance

Web Enrol has taken online deposits in excess of $125m, these are funds that go directly to RTOs clients and often represent a small percentage of the total cost/value of the training. We support these financial transactions in many ways.

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Big or small, all RTOs have the same opportunity to leverage the full range of out functionality. The cost is based on how much you use not how much you earn.

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Web Integration

Web Enrol recycles the design of your existing website to create a learning and admissions portal on a subdomain of your website.

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