Payment and Finance

Web Enrol & Money

Web Enrol has taken online deposits in excess of $125m, these are funds that go directly to RTOs clients and often represent a small percentage of the total cost/value of the training. We support these financial transactions in many ways. 

Pricing Options

The Web Enrol allows you to promote courses at different prices based on many factors;

  • Number of students
  • Employer
  • Membership
  • Eligibility (and type of eligibility)
  • Coupon
  • Package purchases
  • Renewal discounts

‘From:’ and ‘To: is available as standard with editable labels.

Some option are available as separate modules (Pricing Rules, Enterprise Employer) or in the more advanced versions (Band 3 and above).

Payment options

Web Enrol provides support for;

  • Credit card full payment
  • Invoice Me 
  • Invoice My Employer
  • Deposit
  • Payment Plans (Credit card)
  • $0 payment
  • No payment

We provide support for;

  • SecurePay (no additional charge and includes scheduled payments)
  • Other gateways optionally supported
  • CommWeb
  • eWay
  • IntegraPay
  • NAB Transact
  • PayPal
  • PayWay
  • Stripe

Receipts & Invoices

Web Enrol is able to create payments and receipts based on your template design. The document is created as a PDF and attached to the student’s notification or that to the EMployer. I copy is forwarded to the RTO contact and recorded in the SMS.

Xero Accounts Integration

Web Enrol provides Xero integration for our Band 3 and above customers with Xero coding for;

  • Companies & individuals
  • Create a company or individual
  • Post a Charge
  • Post a Payment
  • Course and pricing codes
  • Region and States