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Student management made easy

Enquiry Mate (EM) enables training organisations of all sizes and styles to operate efficiently, provide quality customer service and continuously improve. 

EM is a single integrated database application to support your Marketing, Sales, Planning, Administration and Management processes.

What can Enquiry Mate do for your organisation?

EM is designed to help you manage all aspects of the marketing, sales, planning, administration and business functions of your organisation, and to integrate with your other systems. This will enable you to:

  • Sell more places... and get paid for them
  • Provide excellent and cost-effective customer service
  • Face AQTF audits with confidence
  • Make better use of your teachers, venues and materials
  • Control your sales, cash flow, pricing and costs to...

Features & Benefits

EM has too many features to list on one page. See our Product Information Sheet to read about the features that are important to your organisation and the practical benefits you can expect. The system is designed to enable you to implement features progressively as needed. As your business requirements grow, so does EM. 

  • Affordable pricing options
  • Continuous improvement and ongoing support
  • Experienced  team
  • Application Interface
    • Modern look and feel
    • Easy navigation
    • Full control over operator permissions
    • Data sheet export option on all reports
  • Sales
    • Record and track sales
    • Response letters
    • Group and individiaul bookings
    • Private corporate offers
    • Private individual offers
  • Marketing
    • Enquiry analysis
    • Reminder system
    • Analysis of surveys
    • Tracking of issues
  • Scheduling
    • Repeating offers
    • Schedules
    • Reminders
  • Student Records
    • Bulk entry
    • Assessment tracking
    • Dual and triple qualification management
    • USI Verification
  • Financial
    • Payment Plans
    • Invoices
    • Vouchers
    • Online payments
  • VET Student Loans
  • Overseas Students
  • Funding Scheme (those requiring specific features)
  • Non-Accredited Training
  • Learning Management Interfaces
  • Customer Online Features

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