Case Study - Weblinks

Web links were added to Enquiry Mate in release 4.02 and add a range of web service features to EM at no extra charge. One client has now implemented these features and they are excited about how much administration time can be saved.

Anyone who is managing short courses will know that a significant proportion of your costs are spent in collecting, entering and correcting student contact details, USI and AVETMISS data for every student.

The web links in Enquiry Mate enable you to send students a link to update their own details and the changes come through to Enquiry mate automatically. It is still early days, but this client is already seeing results in saved administration time. In the next AVETMISS reporting season, we expect they will also see improvements in data quality. No more squinting at hand-written USIs trying to work out if that's an "S" or a "5"!

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